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Burkley Gulps


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Hey all i need a little bit of help on the burkley gulp soft plastics range. What is the best colour, size, and and matching jig head for bream, flathead and other species cause i wanna buy 3 or 4 packets and i just want to know what is the best ones for me to buy.

Cheers Joe :1fishing1:

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The Gulp 4inch Turtleback worm in Pumpkinseed colour is excellent on flathead,bream & whiting.

They work very well for me in the summer months,especially in Botany Bay & Port Hacking.

Also like Swordfisherman said,the 3inch minnow in lime tiger catches me good fish as well.



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Hi Slayer , for your flatties try the 5" jerk shads, in the LIME TIGER, ANY OF THE CHICKENS AND THE WATER MELON NEONS, jig heads we use are a 2/0 or 3/0 hook size 1/8 ounce.. Cheers

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The other fellas have pretty much nailed it for you mate. Interesting, there is a pinned thread regarding soft plastics here:


For flathead, I like 4" Minnows in Lime Tiger or Pumkinseed, or 4" Swimming Mullet in Rootbeer Gold. Jig head size will depend on water depth, clarity and current. I fluctuate between 1/8 and 3/8, all with 2/0 hooks.

For breambo I like Lime Tiger and Pumkinseed in 3" Minnows on 1/32 to 1/12, again depending on water conditions. Good luck mate :thumbup:


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I can't stand the smell of the gulp products, I'd rather have a bucket of rotten prawns hanging under my nose than have to ever smell a gulp again.

Thank god that the attractant that comes with the pro series of squidgies doesn't stink.

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