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2 Hour Flick In Lake Macquarie


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Yep, great stuff. Currently in between boats at the moment, BUT.... Come the fathers day week end it all changes. LOOK OUT Brother, I'm coming out on the lake, WOO - HOO!

Nice catch, and good report, see ya out there, and here's to all the dads out there ''happy fathers day''. :yahoo:

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Nice Flatties!!! :) :) I am still a fan of the Squidgy, but usually go up to the 100mm. They have a few more colours out now, too! :)

I have heard the fishing has really picked up since commercial fishing has been banned in the lake? I wish they'd do that here at Forster! :wacko:

I'll start targetting flatties in a month or so in the yak, when it is a bit warmer :1prop:



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