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hit longreef at 6.00am and went looking for the dump in 45 meters after 1 hour we had located 4 good size wreaks all within close proximity off each uther sounded the area and droped the pick set up for floaters down a berly trail

morning breeze is starting to drop water is glassing up all is set for a layed back snapper sesion

there a small boat over the next wreak extange waves and out go the floaters

that's were it all turned to crap a well known dive boat shows up and drops his pick with in 20 meters and out goes 15 divers

there are no words to discribe how i was feeling.old mate at the next wreak pulls the pin and gives the dive boat a brown eye as he pases

that lightened up the mood a tad and put a grin on my dial

we moved and fished closer in just wide off the wall

it was the best condition i have ever fished glassy little swell good currant ripping over the wall

sadly there were no snapper off keeper size

but we were kept entertaned by sweep treves bakers and butchers thingys

i couple off super small kings showed up and hasseled a butchers thingy we had tetherd that was the same size as them

pulled the pin at 1.00 and headed home with a feed for the cat and my asian mate across the road

it was a top day and i was glad to get out after 3 weeks of working way to hard

water temps ;remember they are taken on the run heading out from whalf road straight to the heads at 5.30 am

parr river 9.5c middle head 10.6c long reef 12 5 c

on the way home between the heads 13.2 c

cherrs gary

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We also started at a 45 metre mark yesterday off Long Reef but could only land sweep and large jackets. However once we moved out to the wider grounds, we had great success on the flatties (42) and also picked up a wide variety of reef fish. Because the jackets were big chinaman, we did not lose too much gear at all. However, one poor old flattie was chewed up before he got to the boat with the jackets leaving the head and spine for all of us to admire. Seven of us averaged almost nine kilos each (cleaned). However we can't catch any keeper snapper. This gives us something to complain about in an otherwisw excellent day on the water.

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hey lala you midget

it has got me stuffed as to where or when big reds will make a showing off sydney

we were going to the peak but i thought there may be a few to many boats out there on the weekend[looks like a mid week option]

i will wait till after the next big swell and have a nuther go


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