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Sydney Kings


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Hi All

Was heading out with a mate to an inshore reef on Monday when we were stopped by the sight of seagulls feeding from the surface around Balmain wharf. Had a closer inspection and saw dozens of Kings smashing into some bait.

Out goes the soft plastic and instant hook up and then bang busted straight away.

Spent the next 3 hours chasing them all around goat island and even at one stage into darling harbour.

Dodging the ferries we managed to get dusted 6 times before I hook up and (stupidly on 6 pound!!) take 15 minutes to exhaust a 68cm King into the environet.

We never got outside but had awsome fun and the action was none stop for hours right in front of the city buildings.

I have attached a photo from the phone and as its my first post hope it works!!




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