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Out From Tunks 2/9/08


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Went out from Tunks with a fellow fishraider yesterday.

After getting out a bit it was pretty still and we investigated a seal sunning himself.


It was so still that there was no drift as the little wind there was must have been opposing the current, so the bite was not so hot.

We decided to try up a bit further along at Long Reef wide but by the time we got up there it was blowing a fresh SW and we were drifting too fast even with the sea anchor to hold bottom.

We then returned to DY wide but the breeze was up there as well. It went from not enough to too much very quickly.

Finished up with only a couple of flathead, and a good sized red groper which I usually return but this one came up too quickly and did not look like it would survive release.

Back in the harbour the breeze seemed to drop but it had stirred things up enough to make a bumpy ride home.

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At least you got something, which is better than I scored. You wouldn't happen to know anything about this by chance?? Tunks Park Woes. Trying to get to the bottom of it:/


For the next few weeks my experiance has been that the flathead ground off DY will produce fish consistantly.

If you look at my posts I usually get 8-15 good fish each trip from mid August to late September and sometimes later, and have done for the past 3 years.

The ifs are that there must be about 1kn drift and you must be on the bottom with a large well presented bait of good pilhards or fresh fish bait, a large fresh prawn or own caught squid leg also works well.

If you would like the GPS on a copy of the transit marks email me as I dont believe in keeping secret marks and have been given a lot of good info in the past by fellow fishos.

This site is about 6 nautical miles NE of North Head in about 51m, so reasonable heavy gear is needed.

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