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Many Questions About Braid.


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I guess I'm from the "old" school in that I have never changed over to braid from mono. Having said that, I recently purchased 2 x 600 mtr spools of Exoset Multi Coloured Braid 60lbs @ $117.00 each. I plan to put this on a Tiagra 50WA coupled to a T-Curve Stand Up 24kg Straight Butt Rod.

Having never fished with braid, or gear above 15Kg, it was really a stab in the dark for me to "blindley select this combination.

I am yet to even spool up the reel, and or try out the gear.

Have I made the right purchase, or would a different brand of braid be more appropriate?

What should go on the reel first, braid or mono?

What would be the best knot to use to connect the braid to mono on this line class?

Should I use only one spool of braid (600 mtr) or will I need both?

If both, how do you join braid to braid?

Too many questions, but I would welcome any advice that you could offer to a newby to braid.



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You will need both spools, mariner 31 and a fair bit of backing too! Though to be honest I wouldn't put braid on that outfit. You certainly won't need the extra capacity that braid offers for a 50W. Mono is generally favoured for gamefishing for a variety of reasons. The extra stretch helps when fighting large fish that often jump. You might be better off using the braid on another outfit for bottom fishing or jigging.

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