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Fishing In Mauritius


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hi all,

im heading over to Mauritius for 2weeks with my 3yr old daughter in october for a wedding/family visit. i am going to buy a four piece spin rod to fit in my bag tomorrow and packing my 2500 diawa exceler reel to come across with me in the hope that i can fit some flicking in.

My question/need of advice/suggestions is what lures/plastics should i think of bringing. i fish alot with smaller lures like tt's, eco sx40/48's, smiths etc etc. also have used plastics a fair while.

i was thinking perhaps some packs of gulps??

for those of you that dont know, Mauritius is a small tropical island off the south coast of Africa surrounded by a coral reef.

any help would be appreciated and i will definantely take pics while over there and post how it goes

cheers all


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hi there

mauritius is well known for deep sea fishing - tuna, mahi mahi, marlin, yahoo etc. some specialised fishos target huge GTs but u need a guide as the good spots are not reachable landbase. all around the island is shallow lagoon, so its useless to landbase casting lures. the only part of the island where there is no barrier reef, hence u in deep sea is the south coast. the catch is most of the south coast landbase are unaccessible as they are private properties - either sugar cane plantation or hotels. the only landbase spot which yields massive, i mean massive GT is at a place called 'La Cambuse beach'. if u on the beach facing the oceau u will see a rock platfrom on u r right that cut across the barrier reef and u can can behing the reef where the GTs, barracuda are. however, u need to cast at least 150m to be able to reach where the fish are. locals fishing the use quite unsual gears - 15ft purglas rod + penn 345gti + 80 lbs main line + 150 lbs trace + yozuri surface bull. with these unusual combo, the locals can cast 150m easy. i've them in action there, its unreal. i myself caught smaller GTs with lighter gears. however, the south coast gets huge wave at times, so u've been warned. other good spots are 'Ile de La Passe' and 'Ile au Phare', they are small islands on the barrier reef. Go the Mahebourg village and get a local fisho to take u there and cast just behing the barrier reef. i grew up there mate, spent most of my spare time on these islands. good luck



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Hey you guys, what about some authentic Mauritian recipes?

Love the sound of the dishes listed above - gotta assume the 'boulette poisson" is like a seafood gumbo, or am I wrong.

Cheers, Russ.

hey Russ,

my old man is a great cook but is over seas ATM but ill post some reciepes up when he gets back.

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