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Cruise Craft Boats 575 Or 625


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Ok, there are some major differences between the two..

The 625 is a big boat for big seas, if you are planning to make regular trips to the carpark off port stephens then the 625 is definately more suitable boat, it will also fish 4 people quite comfortably. The downside is they are a serious rig that is heavy, you will need a trailer rated to 2.5 tonnes with electric brakes, you will also need a serious 4WD that can pull it. You will also need upwards of 175hp if you want the boat to perform.

As for the 575, they are a wonderful hull, which are totally capable of going wide to catch marlin if the weather is in your favour. They perform brilliantly with engines between 135 and 150hp and weigh alot less allowing a lower cost trailer and tow vehicle. They are also much easier to handle on your own if you are just taking yourself and a mate or your family out,

I have spent many hours at sea in a 625 explorer and rate it highly!

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Hi Sleepy, good points by Sammy and yes I agree. If you want to go out wide and be safe in all but the worst conditions, get yourself the 625. I have a good mate who used to run one of these and it is one of the better glass boats for it size. Only problem is the trailer issue, you do need electric brakes, which can be a pain to get registered every year and costly if not regularly maintained and they do need big HP. My mates one had a 225HP DI on the back and it was awesome.

Either way I like Cruisecraft boats, a bit pricey, but as the saying goes "you get what you pay for" and with boats this is very true.



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