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Hi Nathan,

I recently purchased a Sakana Zion but the 10-17lb rod. I already had a light rod otherwise i would have gone for 4-8lb as its action was brilliant. Anyway, i went into the shop looking at buying a Daiwa rod or similar but ended up with the Sakana even though i had never heard of them.

Being a multi tapered blank the action is brilliant and although the components aren't top shelf i figured i can always replace these down the track if need be. It casts a mile and is light enough to have some fun on smaller species yet it will stop big fish like jews no probs (my intention with this rod, hopefully!!).

Have a play with one, load it right up and i mean right up and you will be impressed. I recently went on a charter and he actually had a set of Sakana jigging rods and uses the 4-8lb rod for his breaming and loves it so it was good to hear positives from someone else. I would definately recommend them.

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Thanks AJB

I went into buy the Daiwa Advantage 4-8 pound to go with my new advantage 2500. They were on special for 20% off so it was $160. They had the Zion reduced from $299 to $229 and have managed a deal at $200. You are right about the action, the Daiwa was as stiff as broom stick compared to the Zion and I did get to laod the Zion up and it just felt brilliant, so I put down a $20 deposit to see if I could get any info on them before parting with the rest of my cash. I was going to pay $ 200 for the daiwa anyway but this just felt so much nicer and still managed to get the alloy and red on the reel seat the same as the reel and great looking chameleon paint with metalic flecks on the rod.

Looks like I will be heading back in to part with the rest of my hard earned. It was just that I hadn't heard anything about them and couldn't even get a match on google.


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