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Help With Oil Injection.


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Need some advice;

Put the boat in yesterday, and for all money couldn't fire up the engine.

On inspection today by my mechanic, he found the carbies and fuel filter full of 2 stroke oil.

Now, the oil line goes direct to the small resevoir on the engine and not through the fuel filter. With that, it appears that the oil must be back pressuring or something, back through the carbies and fuel lines.

This has happened on the last three occasions. I first thought that the fuel had evaporated and left the oil residue in the carbies, however to find oil in the fuel filter raises some questions.

The batteries are disconnected after each use and I do not disconnect the fuel lines to run the fuel out of the engine.

After draining the oil out and starting the engine, all is fine. During the day when fishing, the engine starts fine after being turned off for periods of up to 1 hour. I haven't had the engine off for longer periods when fishing so don't know if there would be a problem after 1 hour. Last started engine 10 days ago, then no joy yesterday.

It is a 225Hp V6 Mariner with 6 carbies.

Look forward to some helpfull advise.



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Hi Carl, the oil injection system is pretty simple and fool proof on your engine. The oil is injected into the fuel line before the fuel pump and the only thing that will allow this to happen is a faulty check value in the oil line from the on board (outboard) tank just before the oil goes into the fuel pump. Post your serial number because the system has changed a little thru out the years and I can give you the P/N for the new fitting/valve.

Also you need to check and make sure the oil calibration is adjusted correctly and again and easy thing to do. On the oil injection arm is a mark that lines up with a mark on the block when correctly adjusted. Again mate post your serial number and you shoudl think of investing in a service manual if your dealer can not diagonise such a simple problem.



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