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Gday all, I am going through the thought processes now of upgrading my tiny tinny for a more substantial boat. At the moment I am following the progress of a 525 stacer searay with a 70 johno on Ebay. The boat seems to be all I have hoped for and I am thinking about going down to have a look at it.

This will mean a 10 round trip, so I am picking you guys brains to know what to look for when I get there. I know the normal wear and tear sort of things to be looking out for and was wondering if anyone has had experience with this type of boat and any known problems.



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the main part can be the motor, but dont forget about the hull.

being fibreglass check it thoroughly for cracks, dints etc. check if its gone through the gelcoat, check for osmosis

get in the boat move around and listen if u hear any hollow sounds

check the transom, alot of boats need the transom down after many years of use.

check for mis matching colours in the gelcoat/paint. as panels may have been replaced or just painted over.

check the steering/ cables etc

anything suss take some photos and ask some people with more idea about it.

id be a bit iffy buying a boat on ebay, but i guess there wouldnt be different from buying from a private seller.

check around the engine itself for rusted bolts etc, get him to start it

get the engine cull off and check all the wiring

put it in gear etc

see if u can go out for a run it

also look at how the guy acts when hes showing it

it hes sceptical about something press him harder about it

if you do go for a run try the engine at different rpms etc

test the gearing forward/reverse etc

when i bought my last boat i had been through so many to find something decent.

the best thing i can say is to look in your local paper

go check out a few boats even if you're only half interested and get a feel for what the 2nd hand market is like and what you're looking at getting for what sort of money etc

if you are unsure of anything on the boat, take some piccies and post here

definetly enough experts (or at least we think we are hehe)

here to help out

goodluck mate,


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