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Stronger Than Murpheys Law.


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Well Raiders, It's been a bit of an up and down week. The outboard motor has really got me baffled.

Anyway, after a rendezvous at the golf club, watched Broncos kill the the Roosters, and too much beer later, it was decided that we would go and try for some YFT in the morning.

6.30 am morning and I wanted to sleep, a couple of mates rang and said that all the gear was loaded into the boat and all they were waiting for was me. In hindsight, if the key was in the boat I probably wouldn't even of gotten a call.

Anyway, boat launched and idling out to the first marker. Hit the first marker and pushed the throttle all the way forward. Well, I'll be F#%*d, something wasn't right. It was spluttering, farting and just not performing - couldn't get out of the hole.

Okay, it was decided that we would switch off the engine and have some beer. We didn't want the patrons of the Yacht Club who'd watched us launch the boat, to think we had engine problems. We floated for a couple of hours, the esky was starting to look a little lean on, so decided to head back to the ramp.

Threw out the 24Kg with a Pakula Cockroach rigged up for the run back to the ramp. Well, even Hodgey would be proud of the action of the lure, with the engine misfiring it was like a retrieve, stop, shake, retrieve and so on.

One strike and the boss was on - buggered if I was gonna let anyone else grab the rod. Perfect sea conditions helped assist in boating this fine specimen of a YFT in around 12 minuts. Note the sickles.

Weighed in at 36.5 Kgs and looked to be in super condition. Got the boys cutting it up now for a serious session of sashimi.

I wonder what would have been if the outboard hadn't let us down. Anyway, 1 YFT is better than none.

Sorry, didn't take the camera so these photos were taken when we returned.

Hope you guys got amongst them



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