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Help Needed With New Rod And Reel Purchase


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Hi guys i am fishing mainly with my stradic 2500 and flueger graphite rod at the moment (3 to 6 kilo rod). I mainly use this for soft plastics but i still like to fish with bait as well.

I was thinking i might get a 2 to 4 kilo rod (which is what i asked for and did not realise till after i used the 3 to 6 kilo rod that they gave me the wrong one). So my thoughts are get a 4000 stradic or similar and put it on the 3 to 6 rod and buy a new rod for the 2500 (2 to 4 kilo graphite)


Do i just get another 2500 stradic and put it on the 2 to 4 kilo Ugly stick i have sitting in the shed doing nothing.

What i am after is a half decent rod and reel i can fish with bait on that may handle a king if i am lucky enough

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I reckon you're first option sounds best.

A 3-6 kg rod for soft plastics sounds a little too heavy and a 2-4 kg rod would better suit the 2500 stradic. But the 3-6 kg rod would work well with a 4000 stradic or a 3500 Daiwa. Haven't caught a king myself but the smaller ones shouldn't give you too much trouble on that outfit with at least 15-20 lb on it.

And get another 2500 reel for the ugly stick. You can't have enough gear I reckon.


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