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First Legal Blackie(s)!


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Went to fish narraben lakes on friday and sat for blackfish with my new blackqueen jarvis walker rod with a 2500 spinning reel loaded up with a 3kg trace.

Ill let the pictures do the explaining =D, all fish were 27-30cm nothing bigger + alot of throwbacks =[ At least i have room to improve!!!

Fridays catch


Sats catch


Attempted filliting


Oh and...the lake entrance is almot closed up due to the recent storms. Which means...a very quite lake very soon. No run no fun right? :( Hopefully the council opens it up again.

Justin :1fishing1:

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Thanks everyone! Oh yeh, i broke another one of my records!!! caught a blackfish ~5-6cm foul hooked under the chin. Boy did that little one fight for its life =D. Too bad i dont have photographic evidence!

Looks like im gonna have to start to learn some rock fishing for blackfish since narrabeen has shutdown for now =[. Hmm somewhere safe...think i have some sort of idea.

Justin :1fishing1:

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