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Blackies. Another Great Day On The Woni

Mr T Rout

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Looks like another amazing day ahead. I was enjoying a nice coffee on the veranda just meters from the waters edge watching the last of the run up. The water has cleared up nicely after the last rains and there is still some good quality weed in parts of the river. The bureau has predicted strong gusty winds but down here in the upper Woni valley it just passes right over. You can hear the wind in the trees and see them getting hammered on the hills but where I am the water is still as.

The river is chocker’s with blackfish but they are spread all over the place feeding mainly on ribbon weed and the odd worm. A good bit of burley using sand, finely chopped weed and bread crumbs puts you in with a good chance. When the fish are on almost any weed presentation will catch you fish, but when they are a bit shy and blackies are renown for shyness a long thin presentation will put them in your keeper net. I managed to bag 16 good sized fish in two hours when the tide was half down. They were all healthy fat fish. You have just gotta love this country. Until next time, T Rout.



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