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The New 2nd Hand Vessel


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Thanks Chop, Tabsy what makes you say that? lol. Yes M8 have more photos but just got to resize them or something.

Shes a 25ft Huntsman powered by a 260 hp in board merc, fuel tank 380 litres, outriggers, downriggers etc etc saw it at last years interclub and it was up for sale kept in constant contact with the owner and nows the time to grab it.

Will be ready for its first outing October long weekend, where hopefully after all ceremonies are performed we will get stuck into the fishing. After checking out the past months ssts and making a wild prediction that this plume of red water is going to curl around and come back up as its starting to do, i think the cold eddy will push it in extremely close to our shore and possibly hold it there for a while, you just gotta watch the clouds above the horizon in the morning they hold the key to the warm water.

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Well guys and girls we left Sydney Friday morning for the long trip to Coffs Harbour. Forgot how good it is up that way. We got to Coffs Friday arvo and had a look around, lots of work going on around the area new bypasses, plenty of new houses etc etc. Had a major problem with the landcruiser and at 500pm we were thinking who would be open considering the long weekend was coming up and could it be done straight away.

So straight to the tackle shop after a quick chat the bloke gets on the phone to the Auto Leccys "Yeah m8 send him around" So to cut a long story short the problem was fixed with out a hassle in the world at one stage 2 blokes were on the car. We actually kept them open. Saturday we went round to give them some beers but they were closed. Actually should have known better as if they would be working on a saturday lol.

Off to Bonnvile Sat to check the boat looked at it, went for a ride in it, bought it. Towed her back to Sydney

Here she is

Wish we had their attitude in Sydney. To the people of Coffs you are awesome and thanks.

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Joe , just out of curioisity , how high is that tower above the road when she is on the trailer? Id hate you to collect a high tension power line or something !!


Once a truck driver always a truck driver, you learn to look up early hey Ross :whistling:

Nice looking rig mate, :drool:

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Flightmanager, M8 that was a major concern with Sydneys Metro area, we were actually worried about bodgey hung optus wires collecting us, but all is not a problem. The low appearence of the wires is an optical illusion. Our Height is 3.4 mtres road to top of tower.

Thanks guys cant wait to get it out but have a denaming and renaming ceremony to perform first, and im not allowed to fish out of the boat untill this is done, bad karma to do so.

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Well, just an update. We have been busy cleaning and checking everything and still not finished but alot can wait, have covered the main areas, electrics, engine, bilges and pumps safety gear etc etc. Whitworths have been getting alot of our money, but i must say their prices on all things for the boat have been unreal. We have bought, 2 gucci balls, epirb, fire extinguisher, rope, led nav lights, led trailer lights, lifejackets, anchor lift, grease, oil, lube and had to update some charts and got a few other things but of course more to come.

The boat has been denamed and deregistered, denaming ceremony has been done. Hopefull Sunday looks the goods so we will be having a naming ceremony and a M8s brother has agreed to do a traditional smoking ceremony for us, which we are going to do at Yarra Bay.

New Name.... SMOKIN

New Rego..... FININ

Another M8 has done the signage for us and it looks awesome.

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