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Hi Alberto

Have you tried extending the top length of your float with a red straw? Leave about 2cm or more longer than the actual stem & it acts as a 'beacon' when the sun shines thru it!

Then you can add a bit more weight to the float to virtually make it 'negatively weighted' & you will spot even the slightest touch, as the whole float is effectively under water & very sensitive to each nibble!

Better luck next time!


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hi kingpig

that is real good advice allways have a splitshot or sheet lead on your trace move it up or down depending on how sensitive the fish are

hi justin

caught 6 good blackies 9 till11 this morn good news is the lake is open with the big tide

hi roberta

the old straw on the float trick works every time :thumbup:

peter :1fishing1:

hi alberto

sunnys are a must in the afternoon somtimes a black tip also helps

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thx for all the replies guys, generally how long should the trace be........my trace is about 30cm and i have all the lead on the trace, is this correct, i use 3 shots of identical size and the rest of the lead on the stem of the float to get it just right.............cheers

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I think its really up to you. And also depends on the length of your rod and how deep you fish. Since i only use a 2.35m rod i find it quite annoying having a long trace and trying to cast it while im standing in 1m of water !!!...it gets tangled up, so i have it about 30-45cm.

On a positive note the longer trace...your splitshots are more evenly spread apart and gives your bait more 'life' =D


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