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Jewie! 19/09/2008


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Just thought I'd type this up before I hit the sack.

Having been two weeks since I last wet a line, I was really itching to go for a fish...

Sitting in the office after lunch I started getting a nasty headache... must be coming down with the flu.... bugga...

I really wasn't feeling that well; but I also wanted to get out and continue my search for that elusive Jew.

I sent an SMS to Pacemode (Jim) seeing if he was up for a fish... he replied saying he was crook but would get back to me later.

Come 7pm, I got a call from Jim.. we'd give it a shot and try our luck.

We got down to our river location at around 9:30pm.

The squid that we caught earlier was stripped and cast out.

Within 5 minutes, before we were even able to cast out our 3rd and 4th rods, Jim got a run. The fish didn't hook up though and the rod in its place while we continued to rig up.

With 4 baits in the water and high tide fast approaching, the action seemed slow.

near the top of the tide, Jim started getting some knocks on his bait... "Bream" he said...

after about 5 minutes of sustained nibbling, an attempt was made to hook the fish.

Jim waited... and then struck... he hooked up... it felt very much like a dead weight and it was called for a flatty... guess what came up???


Not one Bream, but TWO!

we were fishing two hook rigs, one had hooked onto the top and the other onto the bottom hook! :074:

The bream were returned to the water and the rod re baited and cast out.





By 11:30 things were looking very quiet...

as both of us felt crook we called it a night and started to pack up.

At around 11:45 (we were taking our time packing up). The the glowstick on the tip of my Snyder Glas dipped down and I heard the beautiful sound of my Baitrunner letting out line.

Whatever it was took my bait and went on a small run.

My heart pounded as I ran over to my rod; but by the time I had gotten there, the run had ended and I was too late.... "Dammit" I thought.

I felt dejected walking back ...

I continued packing..... but about 30seconds later I once again heard the glorious sound of my baitrunner letting out line at a really fast rate. This run was much quicker than the previous.. and it didnt stop...

I ran to my rod, engaged the gear and struck...


I could feel the weight of a decent fish, and the headshakes confirmed it was the fish that I've been trying so hard to catch.

I was fishing 4kg of drag and the fish didn't take long to tire, only going for a few short runs..... I've had my 8w rod for a while now, but this was the first time I have seen it loaded up.

After about a minute of fighting, I saw it....




I brought the fish to the shore and Jim landed it. :thumbup::yahoo:

WOO HOOO! after years and years of shorebashing around Sydney, I finally landed one!!

The fished measured 94cm and a tad under 7kg... I'll round it up and call it 7kg!! :1prop:

Jim, THANK YOU THANK YOU for helping me catch this amazing fish; I've been pulling my hair out for years trying to get em...

Here is a picture... unfortunately it was taken with my crappy mobile phone camera.


It was AWESOME! and I'm still buzzing!

Sorry, this isn't really much of a report as I haven't mentioned any specific locations.. hope you guys understand :)

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Congratulations on a great report and you dont have to name locations ,the area you fish is good enough.

I no secret where Jim fishes and he has always been open with his reports.

I felt like I was right there with you and thats what a good fishing report should do :thumbup:

Now you have cracked your first,plenty more will come your way.

Cheers Stewy

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Good onya mate, that was a great report, I was on the edge of my seat, it's good to see a great Jewie reward for you after all your time, effort and patience, funny way to catch bream, that would have given a few laughs when they came in.. Good work Kit.. Cheers

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Well done mate - very well deserved - and you fought it like a champ, kept the head up on the jew and it was all yours in the fight. Hope you took better photos when you got home!

Plenty more to come this season for you. I am having fun with the weather station here, it says its raining :1badmood: -- I think it has gone mashoogana :1prop:

Congrats :1fishing1:

Speak to you soon.

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Hi kit '' finally you got what you wanted congrats on the jew

Few drinks to be had for the fine capture!!!!!!!

cheers :beersmile::beersmile::beersmile:


Oh yey! do"nt forget to record the day; time ;moon; location ; bait; etc: as much info and keep a diary, its

working for me, so year after year you can learn were they travel in the system and it will

give you a better idea on where to fish at what times.

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CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS! You have hung in there for so long now, and you've finally reaped the rewards. That is a great fish mate. I hope it is the first of many :thumbup:

Terrific report too. As has already been mentioned ... I felt like I was there :yahoo:



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Well done on the jewfish Kit :thumbup: It's good to see Pacemode help you out and share a good performing location and even rolled up to have a fish with you. Finding the right locations and getting your gear and bait right is half the battle. I reckon that particular spot has something very attractive about it and you are always likely to strike jewfish there regardless of season. Like Iron cove Bridge and Fullers where I used to fish, there's no way that area is restricted to top of the tide fishing. It would pay to fish from the start of the run in tide should it occur at any time between late afternoon and the early hours of the morning. The reason I say this is the jew are homers to that part of the river and hang around blackfish rocks year in and year out and they simply don't have to have a high tide to get the urge to become active.

Keep up the good work Chris !! Now that you've got a an eye for the right waters I am sure we'll hear of more jewfish caught by you in the near future.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Thanks everyone for the congrats...

almost 24hrs now after the capture and I'm still excited!

I'll never forget the sound of the Baitrunner spinning faster than its ever spun before as the Jew took the first run.

And also thanks to Alberto (Albert), Outfisher (Jason), Jewhunter (Grant) and JewGaffer (Byron) for your PMs giving me hints and tips.. they all helped me to catch this fish.

Now... I just need to repeat this feat!

Hey Kamil, have u been fishing lately??

Edited by Kit
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Chris just catching bait for cubing, may go somewhere tonight, ring me if you wanna go somewhere?

Well done, nice fish. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

nah mate, no fishing for me tonight, i got a few things I have to do tomorrow..

let me know how u go tonight.

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