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Furuno Installation


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I installed my FCV 620 exactly as VA911 described.

I cut my power cable much shorter as I interfaced it with my GPS and DSC VHF radio. I was too lazy to strip the protective covering off the furuno harness to access all the interface wiring so I cut it much shorter and joined a new length of wire to the power which I connected directly to the battery. I soldered the wires together end then sealed it liquid electrical tape. This stuff is way cool. You paint it on like ummm arrr... paint :1prop: and when it dries it forms a flexible waterproof rubber seal around the wire.

Just dont forget to put a fuse in as close as you can to the positive terminal of the battery.


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Hi Caine

Like the others I have recently self installed a Furuno (to a glass boat). Mine is a 1 KW transom tranny and 585(similar to the 620 but just a bit bigger screen). I just hooked up the red cable (it has a 2amp fuse on it) to the positive terminal and the black cable(also has 2amp fuse on it) to the negative terminal. There is a black shielding earth cable(no fuse on it), I rang Furuno in Queensland and they said it does not need to be connected up. I tested it on the weekend(first chance 2 weeks after installation) and it was sensational to >200ft at the Hump off Stanwell Park.Still learning how to use it to its full potential.

Regards Kit

ps got some nice mowies there, pity no snapper

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