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Port Hacking And Botany Bay.


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Hadn't been fishing for awhile so I just had to get out and

wet a line. Decided to chase some squid in the Hacking and

throw some plastics around for flathead.

Arrived a Lilli Pilli at 5:30am and threw some jigs around for

half an hour without a touch, so I packed up and moved to Grays

point to chase some flatties. Flicked plastics around for an hour and

a half without a touch. There were quite a few bream around, a lot

were undersize but there were some better ones but none of them

would touch the plastics. Decided to move again, this time to the

groynes at Ramsgate. I fished the groyne near the homebase for the

back to the bay social.

I began casting with a five inch plastic but didn't get any touches.

Changed to a three inch plastic and on the fifth cast I got a good hit.

There was alot of weight and it was pulling drag. I thought it was a good

flathead but the fight then changed and it began coming to the surface.

It surfaced and I saw it was a good squid.I took my time and finally landed

it. I then put a jig on and cast it back to where I had the hit. Five seconds after

hitting the water the jig was hit and I landed another good squid. I pulled four

more squid from the same patch of weed and dropped two more. I kept casting

but there were no more takers. I then moved to the other side and picked up one

more smaller squid. I then changed back to plastics, this time I tried a more natural

colour and I was rewarded with a 44cm flathead. Didn't have any more flathead hits

after that but I did have a good hit on a gulp shrimp next to the marker pole which I

think was a bream as it was taken mid water but the hooks pulled.

Packed up at 11:30am and headed home with a good feed.


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