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Richard Warren

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First off I would like to thank all the regular contributors to this site. You really do help

make this a must read website with current information.

Well my 17 year old son and myself went out from Brooklyn early on Saturday morning.

We had a look around Broken Bay for some surface action but couldn't find any birds working so

trolled around for a while without much luck. Resorted to plan B. Anchored up at Flint and Steel but after half an hour with only one nibble and the wind swinging us around we decided to look for somewhere up in Cowan out of the wind.

Anchored up and got the berley stream going. Had a bit better luck here. We caught 3 trevally and a host of 3 to 6 inch bream. We kept the two bigger trevally (35 and 32cm) and sent the rest back to grow a little. Just as the bite was starting to heat up the wind picked up and blew us away from our berley trail. (Note to self - must get a sea anchor) We tried another couple of spots where the wind was going the same direction as the tide but didn't do anygood so packed up and headed home about miday. While writing this it sounds like a frustrating trip but the positives of a nice warm day and spending quality time with my son far outweigh the negatives. All in all I had a great time. Having trouble with the photos so have to leave that till next post.

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G'day Rich and :1welcomeani:

You summarised it well, fishing is more than just catching fish. As you said, "spending quality time with your son far outweighs the negatives". That's a great attitude! :thumbup:

Hope to see many more reports from you soon - when you catch fish, and also when you don't.



PS If you continue having problems with posting photos, just ask for help.

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:1welcomeani: Rich, that wind has played a big part in fishing frustration lately, good report to read and hope you sort the pic posting out , usually the young ones sort it out quickly , so get one of your kids to help if needed or just use this site, plenty of info here on how to do stuff , Look forward to your next report .. Cheers... Edited by Ray R
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