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Seal Rocks Over Jervis Bay


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Hi Raiders,

the boys and I were supposed to head to JB this weekend, but after ordinary to poor reports about lack of fish activity has seen us turn our attention to the warmer northern waters of NSW - we'll keep JB in the back pocket for a little later in Summer. :thumbup:

So now we're off to Seal Rocks; a place i haven't fished before.

So now my dear raiders, do you have any advice on what to expect there t this time of year? we'll be beach and rock fishing so any species info would be great!

Ie Cobia, Mulloway, Tuna, Mackerel, Tailor etc??

Any info would be great guys!



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mmmmmmmmm seal rocks

things you need to know

i havent been there for 8 years but not much will have changed

1;there is only one shop a small takeaway and grosery store

so you need to take all your food and drink with you or you have a 15 drive to a bottle o or 20 mins to forester

on the way in there a tinny town called bungwall there is a fish co op there for bait if it is open

the first beach you see is what we used to call number 1 shitty beach fishing no gutters

the next beach is boat harbor were all the local fishermen park up there boats again shitty beach fishing

not bad rock fishing at eather off the above

turn right at the shop and that will take you to lighthouse beach then trechery beach and then yagon beach

once the road goes dirt going to lighthose slow down as there are some nasty bits on this track

i think you have to pay to park at trechery

off all the spots to fish i would say for beach trechery

and the north end off trechery has a good head land that i have seen kingys crusing aound that point

the best thing about seal rock is no mater witch way the wind is blowing you can get it at your back at 1 off the four beaches

good luck gary

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