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Narra Lake


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nice weather brought out the crowds 10 people fishing the spot :1yikes:

3 fishraiders juzza sails and myself were there for the fun that we had

justin was on fire :thumbup: every time i looked his black queen was bent over with a fish on dont know how many he caught but he told me he lost about 7 as his net was a bit short or maybe it was the first time he has used braid on blackies[less forgiving]than mono but he brained them

dont know how sails ended up as i left early

i had fun teaching 2 young kids to catch their first blackies and on the gear they had did very well they ended up with 4 fish :yahoo: but i got more enjoyment watching them catch fish than catching them myself

found out they were a family of 9 so i gave them my 5 fish

all in all a great day down the lake

peter :1fishing1:

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well done peter, sounds like a great time was had by all :biggrin2: .

i find the same when someone new gets things right and lucky enough to get their first blacky...

was a great gesture to give a good feed away to the young ones,bet they felt like kings taking them back with the great stories of blacky fishing that their parents are prob sick of hearing by now :074: ..

i should try to get down and give the lake a go and catch up for a fish or 2 peter.... cheers....steve.....

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Good onya Peter, nothing I like to hear more than an experienced fisho like yourself passing the good oil to younger fishing kids, I guess that's how most of us got started, nice of you to pass on your catch as well.. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Cheers...

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