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Twelve Mile On The 24th.


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Hello All,

we had a fun day with an early start out of Botany and the idea of a jig and troll out wide.

The water around the Peak was dirty and about seventeen degrees so it shouldn't have been

a suprise to jig up a bunch of Barracouta and a lone Kingy whilst losing a coupla jigs.

The decision was made to head to the Twelve Mile and gradually the water came clean and

hit eighteen degrees so things were looking up. To make matters easy the pro's had their

traps on the structures holding some good schools and the floats were like FADS.

The next hour or so saw thirteen kings between 67 and 80cm jigged up on various colours

and sizes with another jig and some line lost to the odd Jacket.

With a feed for our four families on board and the action coming to an end it was time to

drag a few lures to the shelf to see if the head of the warmer water had made its way down.

As we crossed the two hundred metre mark and around Browns a few Stripeys jumped on,

but no Yellowfin showed to lures or during a brief cube.

All up a good day with plenty of stupidity among a few mates to remind us that catching fish

really is a bonus to getting out there and having fun.

Regards, Barker.


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thanks mate - the Jackets are not bad at all compared to some of the recent reports I have read.

With four blokes jigging for over an hour in only two locations and losing just three jigs and minimal

line they were behaving themselves.

I reckon the 'couta may have been the culprits at the Peak.

If you can, get out the Twelve Mile tomorrow and sound out the schools hanging in middle water.

The trap floats are great indicators for drift and general positioning - use 'em to make it easy.

Hope you can get amongst it, Barker.

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Erroll - cheers mate, shift work is unreal for midweek action. Still at the will of the weather but

I am in no way complaining.

Peter - thanks mate and here is some more pictures of the business.

1. our real target, the bycatch was annoying.

2. don't know if you can see the school down deep on the sounder?

3. a few pointers....

4. i'll keep an eye on the rods - bludger.





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no worries mate, glad to hear you had a good day. You could see what I mean by the floats

being a helping hand I am sure.

For me this is what this site is all about, to pass on some current information so as

to help others get some fun out of what is going on out there.

Regards, Barker.

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thanks mate - on the day we pretty much just put down anything we had to see how they went.

Honestly I believe a length of shiny galvanised reo-rod with a hook would have done just as well.

With the frenzied school and four bait like jigs wizzing around their heads there were no stand

out colours, sizes or types. Every jig worked, even four different types on a couple of

four way hookups.

All up we dropped -

Williamson Benthos and Abyss in pink and blues of varying 200 to 300 gram weights.

Surecatch Sonics in pink colour at 200 grams.

The original River2Sea knifes in redhead/yellow colour in 200 and 250 grams.

Zest models in the long slender type in black backed silver and green at 200 and 300 gram,

and one of those River2Sea plastic squids with the double ended assist hooks.

As the current and wind/drift were both pretty lean the lighter weights were no problem

even in the 130 metre depth.

Retrieve styles varied and both flat out speed and jigging at the right depth worked well.

Hope that helps and I wish you all the best tomorrow, regards - Barker.

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Good on you Barker:thumbup: You make the tracking down part of the kingfish deal look so easy and matter of fact and just go out there do the business and come back with top results where others are struggling.

Good report and good consistency as usual Steve.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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top stuff mate!

looks like you had one of those fun fulled days on the water. hopefully with a couple of cold cans of saltwater thrown in for good measure.

just shows how keeping it simple usuall wins the race, and when kings are in the mood you don't need to trick them with finess and the like.

great to see you still having a ball mate.

call you soon.

ratfinks signing off. :beersmile::beersmile::beersmile::beersmile::beersmile::1prop:

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Good onya Byron, thanks for the kind words although the kings are not rocket science

compared to the jew. Hope you are doing well and getting amongst it yourself.

The Northern Finks - thought to be extinct but found to have just returned to a more

familiar climate. Good to talk to you Finks - the Sharks have done it again. Next year.

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.....The Northern Finks - thought to be extinct but found to have just returned to a more

familiar climate. Good to talk to you Finks ......

:Funny-Post: Steve. Good on you Alex! I'll bet your'e getting into a lot of fish up there.

You wouldn't believe it Steve but I had a break in last night and it seems because of our dogs I only had my mobile phone stolen. Anyway I've lost all my phone numbers which include yours and the Northern Finks' phone numbers.

Steve Would you and Alex send your mobile numbers to me at this email address -Littlejewgaffer@hn.ozemail.com.au

Life will never be the same if I lose contact with you blokes especially when I'm jumping around after I have the back operation.

Cheers :thumbup:


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No worries Byron, will get onto that tomorrow. Bad news with the break in but not

too bad an outcome. Great to hear you can be operated on and hope it works out

well enough to get you out for a fish again sometime.

Good onya mate.

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