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Narrabeen Lakes

drew boy

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hello fellow raiders,well decided to go and through some sp yesterday afternoon in the lakes.arrived there at 3pm and the lake was glass,perfect no wind.there about 10 minutes and dropped my first flattie at the shore : :ranting2: : well through out again and was on this time it was a 53cm flathead :1prop: stocked .then about five casts and i was on again (nice)a49cm flathead.then about half a hour latter and i was on again a 50cm flathead .that was it nothing after that .boats started to arrive up and down the lake and people were coming and going ,so that spooked the fish.let me sy that i have never got 3 fish on sps in all my years of fishing in narrabeen lakes.my pb was 3 days ago and it was 55cm.well i hope this is a great start for the summer months to come :yahoo:

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