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Go Fishing For Kings


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hi guy???

im planing to go fishing in the harbour for the first time :1fishing1::) can any one tell me where i can go for some kingys

thanks heaps


Are you doing land based fishing or do you have access to a boat?

If you have access to a boat then it makes it a bit easier. Probably the best places are near most of the structures in the harbour such as the wedding cakes (at least the one that is left) and most of the marker buoys. Best bet is using freshly caught squid. We have done pretty well on yellowtail in the past. You can also go trolling near the heads.

Land based is a little harder. I have hooked them on 4" soft plastics in the Cremorne point area in the warmer months. Clifton Gardens with squid is another location I have seen people catch them but it gets a little crowded down there.



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