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Squidding Lastnight, Fishing Tonight


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Headed out with Mr Jewfish King for a squidding session yesterday evening. We arrived at our spot X (which appears to be everyones spot X these days). Anyways we arrived at around 6.30 to find the place deserted and the water perfectly still. As i always do i scanned the shallows as we were approaching and to my suprise we saw two good size squid in about 1 foot of water. The jigs go straight in and first cast BANG!! we catch one of them, a couple of casts later we bag the second. we keep scanning he shallows and this time find a school of small baitfish being attacked by several squid (again in only a couple of feet of water). We send the jigs in right beside the school and again first cast we're both on, this continued for another half our or so and we ended up with 10 or so squid, by this time the reaming squid had disappeared into deeper water so we moved along. In the next hour or so we managed another 3 or 4 squid and called it a night.

With the waters looking pretty calm tonight we're off with the squid to try and convert them in a spring jewie. We'll probably be in the Georges around the bridges if anyone wants to say gday!!

I'll post some pics if we come back with anything tonight.

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That's a great effort Ali - more than a dozen squid. :thumbup:

I don't go squidding (well I haven't for many years) and I wonder if I caught a few whether I'd eat them or keep them for bait. Big decision that ... mmm ... chance of a big jewie or fresh squid for dinner ... big jewie or fresh squid ... mmm

Good luck tonight



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