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hi all.

I just bought some weed today and still got heaps left how do i store it? is it ok if i leave it the freezer and how long will it last??? Any help would be great.

Cheers Slayer666 :1fishing1:

if you speak to roberta she seems to hav put alot of time and effort into a way of storing weed for periods of time involving a pizza box.......

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Hi Slayer

The best thing is to keep it either wrapped in newspaper (after removing excess water, by gently squeezing it) and 'feather' it out so it doesn't lay in big soggy clumps, or even in an egg carton. One of my best methods is to layer it between newspaper & place it in a pizza box in the fridge. Basically, one layer is sufficient for one fishing trip!

You can freeze it, tho i haven't actually tried that. CHopper75 has tho - send him a pm & I am sure he will tell you how! :1prop:



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