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Sp Duck Broken – Thanks Elizabeth

Tiger Cam

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G'day Raiders

Headed out from Tunks Park this morning with brother in law Rod and mate Tom into the reaches of Middle Harbour. We all started with bait initially with minimal enquires on our offerings. I decided to change to SP – 3” minnow in nuclear chicken. Rod sights a school of fish on the sounder - so in goes my SP while Rod and Tom threw in their squid strips. I get an instant hit and I’m on ….zzzzzzz ahh what a loveley sound! After a couple of anxious minutes of playing this fish we sight a silver body coming up from the depths. Elizabeth Taylor! Tom skillfully netted him and a 41cm chopper was on board. I have finally broken my SP duck. :smoke:

Wary that the school might still be around, we were all quickly back in the water. As my SP approached the boat Rod and I were admiring it’s flight when all of a sudden a fish came up from the depths and smashed it zzzzzzzzzz ….and back under he disappeared. I kept tightening the drag as I tried to gain some ground on him as I was wary of the oyster covered rocks nearby…… zzzzzzzzzz snap! :mad3:

Unfortunately I was no match as the 12 pound leader gave way – but what an adrenalin rush! Following that, Tom and Rod both ditched the bait for SP’s in record time! :tease:





PS Good luck to all those partaking in the social tomorrow and be safe. :beersmile:

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SP, Don't ya just love em.

Well done, and yes..... Good luck 4 the social all you Raiders' Ive been up since 3am, can't sleep, and I have a big day ahead of me, so I will miss the event BUT... will be there in spirit.

Be Safe, Have Fun...

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