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Luke K

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Hi Fishraiders. This is my first post on this site but been fishing for a while. Blackfish were on fire on Friday arvo at Narrabeen Lakes. I had the privilige of standing between Peter and Rob to share in the spoils. I took home 13 blackies but landed at least 20, all between 30-35cm. Awesome fishing!! Happy days.


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WELLCOME LUKE :1welcomeani::1welcomeani:

glad you joined fishraider good info and great people :thumbup:

looking forward to more posts and photos

friday was going off :yahoo: never seen that many caught

see you next time

peter :1fishing1:

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your kind reply. Great to be fishing with you again.

I must say that was some awesome fishing and it was great

to see so many young people getting into it.

Look forward to catching up again.

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Hi Luderick Luke :1welcomeani: to Fishraider. Nice effort at Narrabeen :thumbup: You certainly found a good teacher in Luderick59. I've fished with Peter myself with my grandson and we quickly found that Peter knows more about blackfish than they know about themselves.

Keep up the good work :thumbup:


jewgaffer :1welcomeani:

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Goodie - another addition to the Blackie Brigade! Well done on a great blackie session, Luke! Peter is a terrific blackie exponent & just loves passing on his knowledge to those who are keen to learn!

Amazing that we never get sick of catching blackies, or thinking about catching blackies!!

Cheerio - look forward to hearing of further fishing exploits!


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