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Kiama Wide Sat 27th


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Went out for a look yesterday, hoping maby for an albacore.We started trollling north of Kiama canyons and headed south, the water didnt get above 17.4 so decieded to have a few drops to the bottom to try out net miya epoch reel.

First coupleof drops got only greeneye shark, so we move to another location. Drop down again to 300m ang get a good bite, so i start up the reel and this time it was much heavier than before so i recon it must have been a blueye of ok size. With 40m of line left i notice a whale coming straight at the back of the boat about 50m behind, so as soon as the line was in i was going to get out of the way, next thing the rod starts bouncing around with the fish on then the motor on the reel stops at first i thought a battery clip had come off , then the 50kg of drag starts pulling of my reel, about 10m of line and then pop, the 170lb braid broke, the whale had either mistakenly swam through the line or attacked the fish.We couldnt believe our eyes.

After moving again and re riggging we ended up with one gemfish and a nice jackass mowie, before we left for home to beat the wind.


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