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Pillies - Head First Or Tail First?


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Guest Big-Banana

I've caught plenty of Tuna on backward fed pillies. Done the same with Snapper.

Although with Snapper I do prefer to use a two hook rig and rig em' head first down the trail.

Forget gangs unless you're off the beach. When it only helps to hold the bait on and if you're using pillies, they should be salted anyways.

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i've always used them head first and had no dramas.

daleyboy Posted Today, 08:38 AM

I've generally found that Tailor will almost always go for the tail first, so it dioesnt matter which way you rig them, as long as you have a hook point in the tail area

yeah tailor tend to attack from the rear so always make sure you have a hook in that area

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