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Syd Harbour Heads 28/9/08


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Hi Raiders ,

Went bottom bashing on windy sunday at Sydney Harbour Heads . Conditions made it hard but we ended up with a top feed of flathead , but the bonus was casting lures for salmon and were there some fish . Now it can be a bit wild with huge salmon boils around a charter boat and 10 anglers casting lures trying to give each other earings . But no injuries occured and some top salmon landed all on 4 inch metals . Later when we gutted some of the salmon whole 5 inch yellowtail and small pilchards were in there stomachs . So large lures were the go. Most unusal catch was a 2.5kg Leatherjacket went 62cm . . :1yikes: Good to see only 3 leatherjackets Caught.

Cheers Dogtooth :1fishing1: .....John :beersmile:


2.5 kg leatherjacket by J J

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ONLY 3 leather jackets, WHATS THE SECRET.........

Must not have been using jigs or if they were it must have been cheap ones! :074:

Why do they particularly like the $50+ jigs for?

Great to hear thee salmon have finally turned up!


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