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Narra Lake Blackies


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went for a quick session 7amtill 9am

plenty of good size fish still coming in 30 to35cms cabbage being the better bait

only 1 other fisho there :biggrin2: they went off the bite at top of tide not like '' mad friday'' last week whe n they were on the bite even after high tide but there were a lot of people [more baits in the water=MORE FISH] 12 FISH caught today

so get down there luke and justin while they are biting :yahoo:

peter :1fishing1:

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Another good blackie session Peter! Surprised you were not surrounded by kids (big & little!!) what with the school hols being on!

i'm having a break today after 3 early morning starts in a row ..... may just duck down at the bottom of low tide & have a go with some weed flies for the blackies, tho! :) :)



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I was gonna go down there today...except i dont have the car.. thats what you get for living 45min away. If only i lived as close as you Peter! 35cm. Thats still 2cm bigger than my PB!!! Oh yeh, i went down last sat and caught 12 fish too =D + alot of 27cm ones which were just thrown back

Justin :1fishing1:

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The luderick in the lake this morning on the run in were as big as I've caught off the rocks and far bigger that the fish we've been pulling out this winter.

Still no real riun of flatties yet...Oh for the the warm water Roberta's been talking about up Foster way!

Tight lines,


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