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G'day Fellow Raiders...

Probably been visited before, but I have a little question, I want to start catching poddy mullet and keeping them alive for future use live bait...

I was just wondering, how long would they stay alive for in a fish tank etc with aerator and if water gets changed every second or third day...

Would this be worthwhile, or will I be better off trying to get them early in the week and use as the week goes by?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated...

Cheers All


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They're hardy little buggers and don't mind a bit of fresh either.

As above, water temp is critical and would pay you to buy an aquariam type heater to maintain water temp.

In a small volume aquarium, the temp can drop quite a few degrees on a cold night and the fish will then start to develop fungal or viral infections due to the immune system struggling with the "non - optimum" water temp.

Much the same as you and I would be prone to disease when out of our comfort zone.

Good Luck

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