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Which Spots Are Around Sydney?


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Probably been asked a gazillion times,but where would be the best spot around sydney where there are toilets and shops within walking distance and easy parking?.Any ideas would be awsome,ive tried Tom uglys bridge but never have much luck,id prefer to catch bream,tailor,salmon etc.would also prefer a wharf/pier if possible,due to my young nephew coming.Also tried pier 2 at sydney,but dont really plan on paying to park there all day,hoping to go out tomorrow,thanks.

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There are various spots along Brighton Beach & south to Ramsgate that fit your criteria but mainly Flathead & maybe Whiting

Around the Cooks river boat ramp & out along the break wall is worth a try but no shops close by.

You mentioned Tom Ugleys. Did you fish the Southern or Northern side. Nth is the more popular. Try the southern side but only fish about 1 hour each side of high or low due to the fast water flow.

There are many other land based places but none I can think of with the criteria you have mentioned


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