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Snyderglas Rod Crack


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Hi Guys, I have a Snyderglas rod and at the join section on the bottom peice there is a tiny 1cm crack running down the rod. Pretty dissapointed as i only bought it this year and I haven't given it a good workout as yet.

Is this something i should worry about? What should i do?

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Mmmm... don't know about cutting it...

It may not fit together again if you cut it...

It's not a cut and leave job, you'd have to sand down the edges or it is likely to fray, and then that 1cm crack would have been a better look...

Like I said I am no rod builder though, thats how I see it...

Give me a couple of days, I will be seeing a few of my mates over the weekend, they build all their own rods and for bucket loads of people...

They definately know they're stuff, I'll see what I can do mate...

Maybe PM me your number and I could give you a call... Or I'll speak to them and see what they say...



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No Geek - don't cut it!!!

Where the 2 bits join, which one has the crack? The one that goes into the bigger bit, or the one that goes over the thiner bit? :1prop: ) I have rods that have been built both ways.

If it is the the bigger diameter piece that is split, ie the other section is put into it (and I am assuming it is) it would be easy to bind it & araldyte it to strengthen it. If it is the internal piece, it could be a bit more difficult!

A pic would definitely help!


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Just spoke to one of me mates who said:

"Cutting off the splitt is the best fix"

He does this professionally, if you know what your doing he said you could do it no worries, he said if you have any doubts or second thoughts don't do it or your likely to make matters worse...

He said get a pic and he will have a much better idea on advice for ya...



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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry for no pic post! I did it!! i cut it off to stop the crack from travelling down the rod. :wacko:

The crack was on the smaller bit which was the lower half of the rod. The upper half is the bigger peice.

I did sand it down a little and so far it's worked for me. The crack won't be able to travel down the rod anymore if i connect the peices together.

I sware it i did not step on it. The only thing my local tackle fisho could think was if i put it on too tight. :( Don't know how it happened, and I did not step on it! WIERD.

I think in my case it was the best thing to do and it worked!

Really appreciate your words forliano & Roberta! :1fishing1:

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