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Fishing Sydney Harbour Last Night


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Gday Raiders, Hit Sydney Harbour last night\late arvo with the intention of getting some live bait or having a troll with some fresh bait bought at the fish markets and some lures.

Went to my usual spot and managed a few 50cm tailors to smash my Rapals, double hook ups and all, heaps of fun.

Thought that some of the saller ones would be good Jewie bait cut in half so we headed to the other spot then placed our selves in position, a bit hard as it was a bit windy but managed all the same.

Cut the bait placed on a bouble 6.0 mustad hook set up on 40lb tracer and 30lb sufixbraid spooled on a 4500 baitrunner.

Set the baitruner on light drag as jewies dont like to feel wheight on the line.

Waited, burlied, waited, burlied then TING...TING....TING....ZING............. :1yikes:

Engaged the drag and my 40lb Diawa Monsta Mesh was in half and doing a top jub (heaps of grunt)

MATE... after a 20 minute fight .......HOOOOO NOOOOO! I hooked up a 1.6m Prt Jackson Shark :ranting2::ranting2:

I didnt know weather to lagh or cry..... :05:

Never the less at least the night was an eventfull one.

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The result may not have been what you hoped for but how much fun is the adrenalin rush hooking and fighting any kind of big lump. Up until the point in time you see it, the anticipation alone is worth getting up early for. A jewie next time hopefully.

Cheers, Slinky

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Hey Stucatz,

Just wondering were at the fish markets you bought the frsh baits, I was told to ask at Claudio's for quality bait & when I got there the blokes I asked said they had no idea?

Was I asking at the wrong place or do you buy better bait then me?



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i caught that pj last week and in fact i have hooked that many i can call them as soon as they take the bait :1badmood: the only good think about pj's is they feed around the same time as jew


Yes thatsright, But I tell ya if it keeps giving me the shits it will be feeding me mate!!!! :1prop:

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