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Sydney Harbour Tomorrow


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Im planning to head out to sydney harbour tomorrow and i have some questions as that i have never been in the harbour before.


Where are the best spots to try for kings at the moment?


Where can i catch some live bait (squid,yakkas,smimies)?


If i try to jig for kings what weight would be better to use 100g or 250g? (only ones i got at the moment)


What part of the tide do i fish for kings?


what rig is recommended for kings?


is anyone else going out tomorrow

thanks in advanced fisherboy :1fishing1:

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I am heading to the Spit after work for an arvo/night sesh...

Will be in my tinnie... Also gonna try few other spots around MH...

Will post up when i get home how we went and what was about if that helps...

Would be interested if anyone had any advice for fishing the area mentioned above, me boat has never seen this waterway before, only ever fished it landbased...

Any suggestions would go great...



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Make sure you have all your safety equipment and lights working if around the spit tonight

Hint hint.

Ahh I see...

Yeah all working... Does it get busy around there at night? On a night like tonight...

Pelican, will you be out there mate?



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Not really busy but it's a place where inspections happen regularly on the water. Larger boats still travel through there to fast a bit so just keep an eye on what's happenig and out of the main channel and you'll be fine. Don't anchor in the main traffic area as I think they are sick of handing out warnings to fools that do it.

Was going to be passing through very very late but plans have just been changed on me :1badmood::wife: so no :1fishing1: for me.

Good luck

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