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:1fishing1: Hi all... im intending on targeting sharks this season off jervis bay ive caught makos before while cubing for tuna but never specifically targeted them... Ive heard that chicken mince works well for burley n i can aquire that very cheaply, i was thinking of smashing mince n mullet through the pot? How much burley is required for the average days shark fishing? and does anyone have any suggestions?
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Chicken mince can be a real hassle as it is very fatty and tends to get clogged up in the keeper bags.

Your best bet if you intend on being serious about sharking is to get a fairly big chest style freezer to keep your burley in.

We found that a few of our local fish shops were more than happy to give us the offcuts and scraps from the store as long as we picked them up on a regular basis. We would put the fish tubs in every tuesday and pick them up on thurs or friday and hand over a couple of 5 buck scratchies.

Once we had all the burley we would mince it ourselves.A 3 phase mincer works best but i believe a garden shredder does the trick also and we would put bread and tuna oil into the mix just to bulk it up a bit. Freeze your burley into 10L mop buckets and they fit nicely into a keeper net tied off to the side of the boat. If you have a fast drift on the day then use 2 keeper nets.

This method works very well for mako and blue sharks however if you want to target tigers in summer then heavier chunks of burley is required to get down a bit.

About 12-16 buckets worth should give you a pretty handy slick but for tigers around 150-200kg of mullet is the best.

I enjoy all forms of gamefishing but i cut my teeth on sharking and will always have a love for mako's.

Best of luck Shane.

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Yeah i got a chest freezer but have asked all the local fish shops but they all want $2 a kilo for fish scraps even though its scrap there gonna throw out anyways..... so chicken is something i can get cheaply and mullett is $2 a kilo...

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