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New Fishing Buddy


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Hi Raiders,

I am very happy to report that yesterday morning at 0820 little Roffo hit earth via an emergency cezza.

It was a bit touch and go for Mrs Roffo there for a while but pulled through all the same and was stoked to see who was causing her all this drama.

Little Roffo (Ben) is 4kgs at a length of 52cm and lungs of steel.

This was truly an amazing experience to witness and something I will never forget.

Mum and bub are now doing well but very sore from the op..

I would recommend The Hills Private to anyone, the staff there are angels.

Cheers :beersmile:


PS. Got to find the camera cord to posta picky.

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CONGRATULATIONS Roffo and :1welcomeani: little Ben :yahoo:

Hope the girl is on the mend mate and you have them both home safe and sound very soon. All four of my little ones were delivered by caesar, so I know you are going to have your hands full for a little while. It's well worth it though! :thumbup:



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Hey hey hey Roffo didn't know you were breeding in the off season.

Congrats to you and the Missus. Hope she recovers quickley.

Great experience hey.

Ah well many sleepless nights and lots of huggies etc etc.

Give us a shout if you wanna zip out for a break and a quick fish.



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Life is special indeed, to give breath to a newborn of your own cannot be equaled to anything else.

Congratulations, and good luck, good life and best wishes for the future.

Some pics would be nice though.


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