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Help To Catch Drummer

Guest jayse76

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Guest jayse76

hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could offer any tips or advice on how to catch black drummer? I have put sooo much time into chasing these fish over the years and only have fluked a couple.

if anyone could give me some tips or would like some company one day within 2 hours from sydney it would be greatly appreciated



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There was a spot called hole in the wall around avalon some where, the northern headland,not really sure

there's a big gutter there were people fish for drummer and blackys

i did notice that the drummer would stick in the cracks and caves and hold tight in these spots were the blackys would come and do a lap and keep moving

so i think to catch drummer you would need to berly them out off there hidy holes

i hope this helps gary

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Yep burley is the go if you want to catch pigs. Bread works very well on drummer, take 5-6 loaves and soak them so that the bread will sink. Throw a handfull out every few minutes and any that are in the neighbourhood should start to turn up.

As for spots most blackfish ledges will turn up drummer as drummer eat a lot of weed as well as other things. The best bait, for me, was abalone gut but that is now banned so use peeled praws, cunji or bread. Bread can be very good if you are also burlying with bread. Fish very light as you want your bait floating in the zone and not sitting on the bottom. Use the smallest sinker you can get away with; I've even used small bobby corks at times to float out baits.

I've have found though that the 100% method of hooking pigs was to fish for blackfish on blackfish gear; I've hooked up to stacks during the years with that method, probably more than when I've specifically fished for them. Landing them though is another thing!

Oh and as always play it safe; some of the best blackfish/drummer ledges are also the most dangerous. No fish swimming is worth your life.



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