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Fisher Prize: Aussie Woman Angler First To Compete In All-men Competition


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Fisher prize: Aussie woman angler first to compete in all-men competition

October 27, 2008 - 12:39PM

An Australian angler is set to break the gender barrier and become the first woman to compete in a US fishing tournament against a field of men.

Kim Bain, 28, earned her place in the Bassmaster Classic after winning the Women's Bassmaster Tour's 'Angler of the Year' title, ESPN said.

Securing the title granted her automatic entry to the previously all-male tournament, it said.

Bain left her home in Brisbane when she was 19 to bass fish in America, hoping she might one day qualify for the tournament, it said.

"I had a big dream as a kid, which was to fish the Bassmaster Classic - and here I am," Bain said.

"For anybody out there, in whatever sport or industry they're in, if they set a goal as a child and then there comes a day that you achieve that, it's a pretty spectacular moment."

But Bain, who lives with her husband in Alabama, was not daunted by the prospect, USA Today reported.

"I compete against guys all the time ... but I'm competing against the fish," she said.

Bain has done TV commentary at the Classic in previous years, and was proposed to at the Classic by her husband, Andre Moore, in 2005, ESPN said.

She has also participated in predominantly male fishing tours in the past.

"Those guys are almost like my big brothers," Bain said.

"I don't think it matters to me whether they are guys or girls. I'll just show up and say, 'Hey guys, what's up? Let's hang out."'

Prize money for the Classic is $US500,000 ($800,000).

Bain joins the ranks of other female athletes, such as golfer Annika Sorenstam, who have taken on men's fields in their chosen sports.

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I wish ALL women would learn to love fishing as much as me - then us guys would never have to argue with them to let us wet a line!........... AH HEAVEN!!! just imagine going fishing when ever you felt like it and not ever having to explain WHY??? when you have already been once this year!!!

People who dont fish -dont get it!

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