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Land Based Botany/laperouse


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Hi everyone,

Hope the boss isnt watching (I'm new to Fishraider, and love fishing vicariously on the forums).

Anyway, I've been fishing without success at Maroubra beach over the past coupla months, but think I need something a bit gentler and easier to fine-tune some skills. I went to bare island on saturday arvo, saw a bunch of old fellas pull in bags of blackfish, but didn't want to try as its pretty specialised (plus i don't have cleats).

I was hoping someone might let me know of a few gentle spots (beaches, wharfs etc) where one might find bream, flatties etc, around laperouse/botany (or anywhere to Coogee really). I'm not after sea monsters (though that would be nice)just plate sized... at least until i get some confidence.

Thanks all.

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mate if your prepared to head a little further north, I use to fish long reef quite regular once apon a time and there are usually some good bream up on the rock shelf in the shallows on high tide. fish with about 8lb line a small pea size sinker right on the hook with chicken or chicken gut. If you have a good look from the top of the hill before you walk down you will get an idea of where any small gutters are and sometimes you can acually see the bream turning on there side feeding. If you use bread here you will also catch the occasional drummer and blackfish. It is very safe as the ocean waves break far away from you and you are only fishing in shallow water, you can even wade the shallows and stand on bolders to cover more ground.

this is strictly a high tide spot as there is no water covering the rock shelf on low tide. As the tide drops move closer toward the ocean and cast into the gutters.

good luck.


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