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Nepean Bass


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Hi Raiders,

On saturday went with my girlfriend to penrith around 6am, launched my boat and headed up river in the hope to muscle up to some nice bass and test out my new electric motor that i just got. water temp was 18 degrees, air temp felt like -5 with the wind chill factor. Tried surface lures, divers and finally after around 3 hours cast a gold spinner bait right under a rock ledge where my dad pulled a nice 48 cm bass out of 2 years ago and hooked up ! After a few runs and a couple of minuites later i had a nice 40 cm bas in the net, a few happy snaps and released it to fight again another day.

It was a personal best for me i have caught 3 or 4 at 38 cm but could just not crack that size. In a little over a week i will be going up to Glenbawn dam for a few days so with any luck i just might improve on my pb. I have heard the dam fish get a lot fatter and bigger than the river fish :thumbup:


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