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Towing Teasers

Guest Big-Banana

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Guest Big-Banana

I've redone all my teasers on small handline spools for easy handling and the like.

I've actually used a plastic coated wire line, used in shark fishing.

My only worry is that if a shark or marlin takes a liking to it. I could be in a little trouble.

Has anyone had a marlin/shark pinch a daisy chain or witchdoctor?

Is everyone simply using a 200lb handline similar to what I was using before? Just in case something has a go...

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After experiencing firsthand the aftermath suffered from after a shark getting tangled up to a tow cable on a WD useing the same as you described. Then I would strongly like to recommend you in having a length of mono there for the connection to the WD.

As to add insult to injury after it happening the first time and you may call me lucky if you like..... That the very next fishing trip out with a new WD in tow...... that blow me down in the very same thing happening again.....After that I have never replaced another WD to this very day.

And they say lightning doesn't strike the same spot twice not wishing to put that one to the test

Cheers Warnie

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