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Hi all,

I have recently had a crack at blackfish fishing and fortunately was given some good advice from some local blackfish fisho's that has resulted in some quick results. My wife really liked the blackfish to eat although I wasn't overly keen....can any of you blackfish specialists give me some tips on how to prepare and cook the fish. Also does it freeze?

thanks spence

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I like doing them whole on the BBQ...make sure you bleed them first...gut and gill them...and scrape out the black lining in their stomach cavity...all of it...garnish with whatever you like and wrap in foil...I usually do lemon ,salt and pepper and garlic...very easy to do on the BBQ...

A lot like to fillett them as well and you don't need to worry about the black lining then...

Thye are a great tasting fish...

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Hi Spence,

Iv tried quite a few ways, the most 'common' way to cook them would be to:

1) Fillet and skin them, dip them in egg, then into some sort of flour (i use corn flour). Pan fry them till golden brown and EAT!!!

2) I found steaming them werent too bad!!!

3) Have tried oven baking them wraped in foil with all sorts of stuff but they turn out quite softer than compared to say snapper. (this method wasnt particularly great)

They freeze well =D

Justin :1fishing1:

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Hi Spence

I either smoke them or crumb & freeze them for an easy meal!!

Crumbing them


Smoking them as fillets


or whole (much easier & less messy - eat from the bone or use in fish pie!)




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Tempura battered!!!

Put very cold soda water into plain flour and quickly mix. You want a few lumps as this creates the crunchy texture we all love so much.

Then, flour the fillets lightly, drag though the batter and let the excess drip off, then straight into hot peanut or vegetable oil. I like to do "cocktail" size pieces as they cook nice and quickly and retain the crunch of the batter and the moistness of the fish. Serve with an aoli.

The real trick to good tasting Luderick is the bleeding. You must bleed them before they die and get the guts out as soon as possible. I also take the fillets off straight away and skin them at the same time. The 30-35cm fish taste the best. The bigger ones tend to be more weedy and sometimes have parasites in them.

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G'day Spence,

I haven't fished for blackies for a few years now (divers at La Perouse were hell-bent on making life impossible for us) but I had fished for them for quite a few years before that.

When I first started to eat them, I was a bit ho-hum about the taste, even after preparing them like the old-timers around me. I was there more for the fun of flaot fishing amongst some really good mates.

We got into this unusual exchange of information program with a couple of the asian fishos around us who were regular fishos [but struggled to catch the blackies] and we became friends. They turned out to be really good people. We showed them how to catch the fish (even all our little secrets) and they would show us some asian methods for preparing the fish.

Once I tried the first recipe they showed me, I didn't even try the other methods...

Once the fish are bled, skinned, filleted, deboned, cut them into bitesized piece.

It's a simple matter of frying the piececs in tom-yum paste (it is bought in a jar for $2 or so).

First, you chop up some garlic and heat in a pan (to get the garlic oil I suppose), then stir in a table-spoon of the tom-yum paste and a bit of soy sauce. Finely chop up some onion and place on top of the fish while it's cooking, cover the pan with a lid (or another pan) and reduce the heat. Check the fish every minute or so to ensure it doesn't overcook. Serve it on a bed of steamed rice.

The beauty of this recipe is that the paste has the ability to mask some of the fish's flavour that may not be appealing, and add the intense asian flavour instead. I use the same recipe for fish like sweep that have no real taste.

Anyway, I hope you get a chance to try it....

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hi spence,

once apon a time i use to catch quiet a few from the rocks and the best way i found to cook them was -

skin them and fillett them. sprinkle some masterfoods all purpose seasoning into some bread crumbs on a plate and mix it through and while the fillet is still damp press the fillett into the breadcrumbs on both sides and fry them in hot olive oil!!! beeeaauuutiful!!!!! I promise you wont think they are ordinary to eat anymore. simple and vey tasty. Most of the iodiney taste is in the skin so no matter which way you cook them, always skin them and they will taste much better.



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