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Yarra Bay Fish Say Nay


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Hi all,

Just thought I'd report on a few hours I spent yesterday arvo at the eastern side of Yarra Bay chasing flatties. Conditions were near perfect (so I'm told) - nor Easter, overcast, last few hours leading up (down?) to low tide.

I tried two different types of soft plastics (squidgy wriggler black and gold, and squidgy slick rig yellow and orange - both pretty small). Technique-wise, I was retrieving (with a jiggle), pausing (to let it sink to the bottom), retrieving, pausing, etc. There was not even a nibble.

So after an hour or so I climbed out along the breakwater on the eastern side - the birds were going nuts over bait fish out about 50m from the breakwater. I threw some fresh prawns out. Nada.

I was thinking this failed expedition could be for a number of reasons, but condition-wise, the water was quite clear (I've heard this can lessen success-rates when chasing flatties - has anyone heard this before).

So I went to the Sailing club for a :beersmile: and felt slightly better. Any tips/ideas/commiserations are welcome.


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