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Went to fish in my backyard today along a jetty fishing some dropoff...

After 20 or so casts, i got my first hit!..it felt like an old sack so i thought it was a flathead (and yes it was).

MY FIRST infact!!! taken on a 2' pumpkinseed minnow. BUT ...it got unhooked when it hit the surface at my feet :1badmood: .

Cast 10 or so more times, and decided to hop it along where i lost my fish. And what do you know , twitch, feel the weight, strike! also it was the same Flathead. It managed to unhook itself when it was landed onto the pontoon. Maybe im not striking hard enough? my jigheads are sharp ...! It was 35cm.

Thats bout it, nothing fantastic. Maybe ill get better at this!

(oh, last week i caught my first bream on a sp...manage to get the bream before the flatty =D)



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Hi Justin,

Great to see you getting into the soft plastics and congratulations on your

first flatty. Once you start getting a few more fish you will become addicted.

The addiction is similar to that of fishing for blackies. I think its the anticipation

that you become addicted to. Sure enough your bank balance will begin to

shrink as you acquire more and more and more and more...............

soft plastics...

I look forward to hearing more reports in the near future.



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Well done Justin on getting your first bream & flathead on plastic's,a new addiction will begin for you now.

As we get closer to summer the fishing with plastic's will get alot better,especially for bream,flatties & whiting.

cheers mate


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