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Hi everyone

went out this morning with my mate the burley machine, left home at about 5am and headed down to box head It was cold and cloudy but there were still a few keen surfers paddling out to little box to take advantage of the good swells rolling in

Once we got past box head the swell and chop soon got the burley machine into action this brang a small school of yakkas around the boat that I took advantage of!

I quickly caught a few cut them into strips and drifted hoping for some flatties but no good

The look on the burley machine`s white face purswaded me to head back in a bit where the swell and chop werent so bad

I picked up a few bream while the burley machine rested his sick head sleeping in the cabin once the run out tide slowed so did the bites and we headed home

oh well at least I had fun :05:post-5899-1225867358_thumb.jpg


P.S. The burley machine would greatly apprecate tips on helping to overcome his nasty condition

Kwells dont seem to work

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Grant you always seem to be able to pull a good feed out of the Hawkesbury. I feel sorry for your mate Doug but at least we know he'll spend most of the session hanging off the bow while we sit back and get into the fish. It would be good idea if we get Doug to eat halk a kilo of raw ginger and drink a litre of chocolate milk as a sea sickness cure as soon as we anchor in a two metre swell in Broken Bay. :1yikes:

Cheers Grant you'll be right next trip Doug :biggrin2:

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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hey arked they tell me that a can of coke works as it has has something in the formula. this comes from a aussie seamen just try it. :beersmile:

My only concern would be the Diuretic nature of Caffiene combined with the dehydration from vomiting.

Read all about "Coke" here.




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Gday Arked,

You can let Doug know he's not on his own, the BBay swell gets to me too. Would have been pretty big if Little Box was working. I hate it when I leave Copa and its dead flat and get to Box to find a 2m swell, BBay seems to funnel the swell up higher.

I tried the pressure wrist bands at Airlie going to the Reef, didnt work to good. Have tried ginger tabs but need to work out the right doses etc. Get Doug to see if he can source ET's tablets.


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I have a theory that works for me.

If you hit the water with a full bowel you are going to get sick . Spend a few minutes in the can before heading out to sea and also keep looking at the horizon. When I am on a boat with a person that gets sick , we normally make them drive the boat and that seems to clear the head

Hope this works for you


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.......The burley machine would greatly apprecate tips on helping to overcome his nasty condition

Kwells dont seem to work........


ET gave his sea sickness tablets a plug on the last show, get Doug to try Bova Compound Chemists 1300 SEASICK or 1300 732 7425. I am going to give them a try myself, its just not pleasant when that feeling comes on, ruins a good day out.


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stay off the beers the night before and have a sea sickness tablet (what ever kind) the night before as well as in the morning before you go. Also avoid acidic foods such as oranges and fatty/oily foods the night before and on the day.

This has worked for me.

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tell poor old burley machine to try 1-2 kwells/travel calm the night before with a shitload of water, then 2 in the morning. don't touch the piss 24 hours before as well (i know this is worse than spewing). if this fails it will be a first, i'd like to hear.

he must be keen to keep coming back for that punishmennt & earning that name. respect man.

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